Instant Text Mobile Now Available

by PocketGoddess on May 20, 2005

Here’s a press release regarding Instant Text Mobile, a text-completion program for Palm OS devices:
For years we have been addressing the needs of fast text-entry
with separate products: Instant Text on PCs, and Fitaly on PDAs. Our impression was that PDAs did not have sufficient power to support the algorithms needed for Instant Text. As the power of PDAs is now well over that of the early PCs we initially used for Instant Text, we have come to revisit the subject and our answer is now Instant Text Mobile.
As you will read in the links below, Instant Text Mobile goes well beyond word-completion products and it comes very close to the full power of Instant Text V Pro, the PC version:

For those who like to read what is behind a design, there is:
and there is already an early review of the product:
Of course, the best thing to do is to try it and you can download the 10-day (repeatable) demo from:
It goes without saying the Instant Text Mobile works very
well with Fitaly and the combination brings text-entry speed
to a new level on a PDA. It is also designed to work very well
with a portable keyboard or with a thumboard like the one
of the Treo 650.
Instant Text Mobile is available for $29, with an introductory price of $25 until September 30, 2005. The introductory price for Fitaly users is $19:
This first version is for Palm OS 5 and our intent is to port it to other popular mobile platforms.

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