by PocketGoddess on January 24, 2005

TripBoss Itinerary Screen
TripBoss was developed by Creative Algorithms as a way to handle everything related to travel, be it business or personal. And it certainly does– there are sections for trips, trip planning, itineraries, waypoints (for road trips), meals, lodging, fuel economy, miscellaneous expenses, regular expenses, budgets, a journal, pastimes (places to visit/things to do), summaries, graphs, and ratings. You can access each of those sections by tapping on the corresponding icon on the bar at the top of the screen. TripBoss is quite easy to use, once you understand the system– you’re required to manually enter the details for places, hotels, restaurants, etc.. After you do that, you can plan the details of a trip with just a few taps (to pick the pertinent places) and a few Graffiti strokes (to enter confirmation numbers and the like). This is a major boon for frequent business travelers, especially those who tend to stay in the same hotels, eat at the same restaurants, etc. Enter in your expenses as you go, and you’ll find that once-dreaded chore of filling out travel reimbursement forms becomes a little less painful.
There were a few “head scratcher” moments, but that’s mainly due to the fact that I tend to jump in and start using programs immediately without reading the manual. Fortunately there’s a full PDF manual included with the download, and a single tap on the small “i” icon at the top right corner of the screen will give you the relevant details for that section of the application. Some of the confusing bits for me were wondering why I had to manually enter the dates for my new trip,instead of using the system date picker, as well as how to view a summary of all of my arrangements on one screen (flight, hotel, car rental, etc.). I was also surprised that high res + (320×480) screens are not supported. There are some nice touches though, as the ability to send things like flight arrangements to the DateBook application so that I can easily set alarms so that I don’t miss my flight. You’ll also find a currency calculator and a handy tip calculator with a check splitting option.
TripBoss isn’t as fully featured as WorldMate, since it doesn’t include things like online connectivity for flight schedules & weather forecasts, or a packing list section, but it is admirably suited for business travelers who need to carefully track their expenses. It looks even more attractive when you see that the Professional version or WorldMate is $69.95 for a one year subscription. TripBoss requires just 320K of RAM on your Palm oS device, and a full license is $29.95. You can get a free 30 day demo at the Creative Algorithms web site.

PocketGoddess Rating for TripBoss: 4 out of 5

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