TomeRaider 3

by PocketGoddess on January 5, 2005

TomeRaider 3 Displaying an Entry from the CIA World Fact Book
TomeRaider is an application designed to store massive amounts of data in an easily searchable, compressed format. This version is the third incarnation of the program, and certainly the best. When you first open the program you see your library of “books” (note that there aren’t many version three books available, but the current offerings are good ones– the CIA World Factbook, a Bible, and extracts from the IMDB). Tap on a book to open it, and then navigate through the book by tapping or using the built in find function accessed by tapping the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the screen. Another option is to start entering text in the Graffiti area on your device, and TomeRaider 3 will automatically move through the entries in the book you’re browsing as you enter each letter. You can also set bookmarks anywhere you like, to make it easy to return to the same point in the document.
One great new feature is the addition of graphics to TomeRaider 3; documents just come alive when you can actually see what you’re reading about. In the CIA World Fact Book you’ll find maps and flags for each country, which is a nice touch. And since the new version supports HTML with almost no deviation, it’s quite easy to make your own TomeRaider 3 reference files with any images, charts, or graphs that you can imagine. I do hope though that future versions will include a more fully featured image browser, as some of the maps in the CIA World Factbook were a little hard to read without a zoom feature.
I’m quite pleased both with how TomeRaider 3 performed on my Tapwave Zodiac, as well as the attention to detail. It opens fast, opens books faster, and searches even faster still. And I have a good level of control over the fonts and colors through the options menu. If you need a cross-platform solution for distributing complicated reference files, you might want to take a closer look at TomeRaider 3. There are versions available for Palm OS and Windows Mobile handhelds, as well as for Windows PCs, Psion handhelds, and Symbian, Nokia, and Sony Ericsson phones. TomeRaider 3 is $22.50 for Windows Mobile handhelds, or $20 for Palm OS or Windows PC. You can get more information, a trial download, or free reference files at the TomeRaider 3 web site.

PocketGoddess Rating for TomeRaider 3: 4 out of 5

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