RoadWired PDA/Phone Organizer

by PocketGoddess on January 27, 2005

As I’ve mentioned several times before, mobile electronics can make your life much easier, untethering you from the office while still allowing you to be connected to coworkers and clients. But unless you’re willing to go the Batman-style “utility belt” route, it can be difficult to stow all of those portable devices. That’s where the PDA/Phone Organizer from RoadWired comes in. It looks likea small portfolio, but you can really pack in a lot of stuff.

I’ll start with the outside,which is made of a nice ballistic nylon that is smooth to the touch. There’s a small RoadWired logo on the front, along with a special neoprene flap that is held closed with velcro. Open the flap and you’ll find that you can access your cell phone from the outside of the case, without even unzipping the organizer– and yet your phone is still safely protected from the elements. The RoadWired folk call it the “phone booth” and the whole concept is both clever and quite useful. Unzip the case, and you’ll find a wide array of pockets and compartments that are capable of holding most anything you’ll likely need while you’re on the road or even just roaming the corridors of your corporate campus. On the left side you’ll find the aforementioned “phone booth” on the lower left side. At the top is an expandable compartment that could hold reading or sunglasses, a travel charger, etc. Just below and to the right is a small flap-covered pocket with three credit or business card slots. Just below is a clear window that you can use to display your ID or hold your business cards.

In the middle, or spine of the case, there are six small stretchy loops that can be used to hold a pen, a stylus, or perhaps a couple of AA or AAA batteries. On the right hand side you’ll find pocket that can be used for papers, receipts, or a small notepad. Your handheld attaches to the case via a square of velcro. This isn’t my favorite solution, but it does work well, making this organizer case truly “universal” in nature. The stitching and materials are all of good quality; it should stand up to quite a bit of use without losing its good looks. In all respects the case is well made and allows you to carry a nice variety of the typical things most anyone needs on the road– from glasses to small accessories to paper, pens, and business/credit cards.

The PDA/Phone Organizer measures 10 inches tall by 7 inches wide and 1.5 inches thick and is only available in black. You can get the standard ballistic nylon version for $39.95, or splurge and get the deluxe leather version for $69.95. In either case, you’ll find that the PDA/Phone Organizer is a great addition to your mobile arsenal, enabling you and your small electronics to travel easily and safely, without wondering where you’re going to put all of that “stuff” on your next trip– whether it be across the hall, across town, or across the country. For more information or to order one for yourself, visit the RoadWired web site.

PocketGoddess Rating for the RoadWired PDA/Phone Organizer: 4 out of 5

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