Contest: RoadWired Prizes!

by PocketGoddess on January 21, 2005

Next week is RoadWired week at, and three lucky winners will each be receiving a prize! In order to qualify for the contest, you’ll need to submit a brief writeup on how you travel with your mobile gear, be that a laptop computer, digital camera, handheld/PDA, or even a portable gaming device like the Nintendo Game Boy Advance or DS. This isn’t for school, so it doesn’t have to be Pulitzer quality. Just share your ideas, your hints/tips, or a funny story about traveling with mobile technology.
Up for grabs are a RoadWired Pod (yellow), a PDA/Phone Organizer, and a Laptop case (grey). Please include your prize choice in order of desire, so that we can ensure that you’ll get a prize you can actually use– obviously if you don’t own a laptop you won’t want the laptop case! Entries are due by noon on Friday, January 28 and are to be submitted by email to
Good luck!

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