Red Mercury Updates

by PocketGoddess on November 4, 2004

Here’s some news from Red Mercury that may be of interest to you guys:
Updated Software for Tungsten T5 and Treo 650
Integrated FLASH Memory (NVFS) and What it Means to You
Red Mercury has released updated versions of it’s software for the newly released Tungsten T5 and recently announced Treo 650.
Red Mercury’s card games, AcidSolitaire and AcidFreecell, now scan all of the internal flash memory (NVFS) for JPEG backgrounds. This includes any images stored internally on NVFS, for example, from the Treo 650 built-in camera.
All AcidImage products Red Mercury’s popular image viewer, have been updated to allow access to all sections of the NVFS, including the new NVFS hidden internal volume.
Check out Red Mercury’s helpful primer that explains the benefits and limitations of the new Palm OS internal flash memory (NVFS) and find out what it means to you.

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