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by PocketGoddess on July 22, 2004

I’ve reviewed a lot of cases and bags over the last several years, but this one just blows me away. The quality is obvious, even at first glance. The Pod is made of heavy duty 1050 denier ballistic nylon that is both tough and fairly smooth to the touch. All of the zippers are metal, with slightly curved double pulls that are easy to grab and use. A small carry strap runs across the top of the case, and metal rings on each side serve as the attachment points for the included shoulder strap. The strap adjusts from a minimum of 29 inches to a maximum of 52 inches. On the back you’ll find a couple of straps designed to let you lash the Pod to another bag, or to wear the Pod on a belt.

The Pod features one main compartment and three side or “wing” compartments. The main one closes with a plastic buckle as well as a bit of Velcro. That’s a nice touch, since the Velcro will keep the contents of the bag relatively secure and available for quick access when necessary. The main compartment measures 3.5 inches wide, 6.5 inches tall, and 4 inches deep. It is nicely padded, and also includes a removeable liner that can be attached with Velcro to cradle an electronic device. The top flap has a clear plastic holder for a business card/ID as well as a secret pocket where you can stash some cash or a credit card. The three “wing” pockets on the outside of the bag each have a gusset that allows them to be unzipped fully with no worries about any small accessories falling out. Each one has different organizational features. The one on the front has several battery holders and a small mesh pocket secured by Velcro. The one on the left side of the bag has four memory card holders and a lined pocket, as well as an outer mesh pocket. The pocket on the right side of the Pod has two yellow “bungee” straps and a wide elastic pocket as well as a lined pocket and an outer mesh pocket.

It may be a bit hard to tell from the pictures, but you can *really* cram a lot of gear into this bag. I was able to fit in all of the following:

  • Palm wireless keyboard
  • Tapwave Zodiac
  • Sony T1 digital camera (in its own leather case)
  • GBA SP (in Proporta metal case)
  • GBA charger
  • 2 GBA cartridges
  • Zodiac charger
  • spare T1 battery & travel charger

    In short, everything you need to take with you when you travel, or even for a basic trip around town. Everything was safe and secure, well padded, and perfectly organized. The keyboard, Zodiac, and Zodiac charger, and camera battery charger easily fit into the main compartment, the T1 and case fit into the left side pocket, and the GBA with game cartridges is in the front wing pocket. The right wing pocket has the spare battery and GBA charger in it, with plenty of room for things like keys, lip balm, etc.

    The Pod would be a “Perfect 10″ if it weren’t for a couple of small nitpicks. I would like to see the lining done in a contrasting color for future models. Aside from adding a bit more style to the Pod, it would also make things a bit easier to see inside the bag. I also wish that there were a bit more Velcro on the “sling” provided for the main compartment, so that it would stick to itself and provide an easier way to compartmentalize the space. All in all though the Pod is a great bag that holds a lot of stuff, keeps you organized, and still looks good. You can get it for $73.95 at the Proporta web site. But smart shoppers will check the PocketGoddess Discussion Forums first, as Proporta has graciously offered my readers a special discount– you can get 10% off any hardware or 20% off any software, making the Pod a great deal.

    PocketGoddess Rating for the Pod from Proporta: 5 out of 5

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