Skin Tight Cases for your Handheld

by PocketGoddess on June 3, 2004

This is one piece of news that has me very excited– Speck Products has designed a new “Skin Tight” line of cases. The cases are made out of Dnynaflex and are very flexible and form-fitting. The PDA Skins also feature a clear plastic flip cover designed to protect the screen and still allow it to be seen (reminds me of the old Palm III flip cover, but better!). The version I got to try is for the iPAQ 1900, and since I don’t have one of those I can’t judge the ease of installation or the fit. But I can say that it is of very high quality and well-designed, featuring cutouts for the stylus, memory expansion card, headphone jack, and charge/sync port.
There are several different varieties available, including models for the iPAQ 1900, the palmOne Zire 21, and the Apple iPod (mini and regular). A Zire 71 Skin is expected soon. There’s also a choice of colors, with clear, blue, and lime available for PDAs, and a larger color choice for the Apple iPod. You can get one for $24.95, or purchase a three pack for $34.95. For more information or online purchase, visit the Speck Products web site.
Now if I could just convince them to make one for the Tapwave Zodiac. . .
PS Since I don’t have an iPAQ 1900 Pocket PC, the first three people who have one that respond to this thread in the discussion forums will get one for free!

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