PocketGoddess Garage Sale

by PocketGoddess on June 10, 2004

It’s time for another garage sale! I’ve got loads of stuff:
a couple of devices, including a a Toshiba e570 Pocket PC
a Sony digital camera– the four megapixel P-9, with a case, an extra battery, four Memory Sticks, cases/AC Adapters/manuals, etc. Barely used, just to take photos of hardware reviewed for this site
loads of SD expansion cards, including three 256MB cards and several cards preloaded with software (mainly games)
handheld accessories such as styli, a card reader, etc.
Lots of random stuff, such as GBA accessories, battery cases, a Thinkpad AC adapter, even Palm t-shirts and baseball caps, etc.
Email me if you’re interested in the list, just send a message to jen@pocketgoddess.com or send a private message to PocketGoddess on the discussion forums. There’s tons of great stuff, at great prices. You just might find a great bargain, and you’ll be helping me to clear out my handheld “closet” at the same time.

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