FlyBackUp 1.51

by PocketGoddess on June 9, 2004

FlyBackUp is from the same people who first brought “zip” compression technology to the Palm OS in the form of FlyZip. FlyZip is designed to zip programs in RAM, saving valuable space, and FlyBackUp is based on the same principle. Each backup set is “zipped” as the backup progresses. This is nice, since memory cards do tend to get more expensive per megabyte, the larger they are, but it’s up to you to decide whether it’s worth the tradeoffs. In my case, backing up 47.4MB of handheld data took only 35.4MB of space on my SD card, saving 8MB of space, but that backup took almost 14 minutes. RightBackup took only three minutes and fifteen seconds minutes.


As far as features are concerned FlyBackup does very well; I especially like the ability to password protect each backup set. That’s not as good as encryption, of course, but certainly will keep out less-than-determined prying eyes in case the memory card is ever lost or stolen. The scheduling options are also quite nice, allowing the user to schedule daily, weekly, and monthly backups at a particular time, with or without password protection. It is also possible to specify which memory card is to be used, which is particularly helpful if you have a device with multiple slots, such as the Tapwave Zodiac. But it is not possible to specify how many backup sets should be kept.

FlyBackUp is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to back up their handheld device on a regular basis, but unfortunately has a rather small expansion card. It’s rather slow, especially compared to its competitors, but no other Palm OS backup application at this time has the ability to compress the data. A free trial download is available from the FlyZip web site, or you can purchase FlyBackUp for $9.95.

PocketGoddess Rating for FlyBackUp 1.51: 4 out of 5

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