MDM PopCap Puzzle Pack Game Card

by PocketGoddess on October 13, 2003

I’m a fan of any type of content distributed on Secure Digital (SD) expansion cards– there’s no installation required, just pop them into your handheld and go. No worries about taking up all of your handheld memory with games, either. This particular card includes five games: Alchemy, Atomica, Bejeweled, Mummy Maze, and Seven Seas. I don’t think that Bejeweled needs any introduction at all, so I’ll spend just a brief moment talking about the other games included in this package.

Alchemy is all about turning the game board to “gold” by filling it with magical runes. The key to remember is that runes can only be placed next to runes that match the color, shape, or both. Once a row or column is completely filled, the squares turn gold and the runes disappear. Play continues until the entire board has been transformed to gold–which definitely is NOT as easy as it sounds. A very challenging game that can keep you playing for hours.


Atomica is also devilishly challenging. In some ways it’s quite similar to Bejeweled, in that you have to move pieces in order to get combos of four or more pieces of the same color. But in Atomica the game board is not full when you first start the game– there are only a few atoms scattered around the game board. You are allowed to move one atom each turn, and new atomic signs appear each turn to show what color the new atoms will be as they appear, and where they will be found. Your job is to move the atoms around so that they can combine into molecules of four or more. You have to work carefully though, since new atoms keep appearing as fast as, or faster than, you can make molecules that disappear. When the game board is completely full, the game is over.

Mummy Maze is the most difficult of the five included games, at least in my opinion. You play the part of an explorer in an Egyptian pyramid trying to get to the top of the pyramid so that you can claim the treasure. Unfortunately there’s a pesky mummy trying to get you, and he can move two spaces a turn and you can move only one! In some ways this one is similar to Seven Seas, discussed below, but this one is much trickier. Fortunately you have the option to restart a particular maze an unlimited amount of times, at least on easy mode, so that you can practice getting all of those puzzles solved more than once. If you’re anything like me, you’ll need several tries to get it right!

Seven Seas is my second favorite, coming in just after Bejeweled. I’d never played this game before, but I’m really enjoying it. It’s very similar to a PC game I used to play forever ago called “Daleks”–this Dr. Who themed-game put you in control of the Doctor and allowed you to move one square every turn. The Daleks kept closing in on you, but thankfully were pretty stupid– if you could trick two of them into running into each other, they would turn into a heap of metal. The concept with Seven Seas is similar, though in this case you are surrounded by pirate ships that are trying to sink you. Fortunately you are able to fire your cannons, lure the enemy onto the rocks, or trick them into running into each other. Play progresses level by level, where the enemies get smarter and more numerous. It’s a great deal of fun–even better than I’m able to explain here.

Christmas is fast approaching, and the PopCap Puzzle Pack would make a great gift for any handheld game enthusiast. It’s available for $29.95 from PalmOne, or you might be able to find a copy in your local retail store. You’ll also find a bonus SD card caddy in the package, which is perfect for holding up to six expansion cards so there won’t be any worries about losing the card and not being able to feed your Bejeweled addiction!

PocketGoddess Rating for the MDM PopCap Puzzle Pack: 4.5 out of 5

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