Datacute Concordance for Palm OS

by PocketGoddess on October 3, 2003

The Datacute Concordance is actually composed of two distinct parts– the viewer program and the actual Bible indexes. It is possible to load more than one index on your device, though of course you can only use one at a time. Expansion cards are also supported, so long as the index is put in the Palm\Programs\Datacute directory. That’s a good thing, since while the viewer is only 30K, the NIV index is 662K. Even with the index on the card though, the Datacute Concordance is lightning fast. Since words are autocompleted as you enter them, you may only need to enter a few letters before you get the word that you are looking for. On the right hand side of the screen you will see a list of all of the Biblical references for the word.

If you want to do more extensive study, you’ll really appreciate this next feature. Once you find a word, you can tap add to put it in the word list on the left side of the screen. You can then enter another word to look for and also add it to the list. This is a great feature for finding verses containing both words, for example. If you search for the word Jesus in the NIV index, you’ll get a list so long that it’s almost useless. But if you are interested only in verses where Jesus is speaking about a certain topic, such as truth, you can enter both words into the word list and narrow the search until it is much more useful. Once you’ve found a reference, tap the View button at the bottom left side of the screen to be taken directly to that verse, if you happen to have a compatible Palm OS Bible. Supported Bible programs include Bible Reader, Bible+, Bible With You, MyBible, and OliveTree’s Bible Reader and BibleR+.

Datacute Concordance costs $10 and is available through PalmGear and Handango. The indexes are free, and include the NIV, NASB, KJV, American King James, the Spanish Reina Valera, and Strong’s Hebrew and Greek. Additional indexes and Concordance Viewer features are planned for future updates. If you’re a serious student of the Bible, or just someone who can never seem to remember where to find certain verses, then the Datacute Concordance is definitely an application that you should try for yourself. It’s definitely faster than paging through that big old concordance on your bookshelf! Find out more at the Datacute web site.

PocketGoddess Rating for the Datacute Concordance: 4.5 out of 5

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