Bejeweled “Game of the Year” Edition

by PocketGoddess on August 8, 2003

I know, I know– I play way too many games, but this is news if I’ve ever seen it. My favorite Palm OS game of all time, Bejeweled, has won so many awards that the good folk over at Astraware have released a special “Game of the Year” edition that features a cool soundtrack to go along with the stunning graphics and great gameplay. On the Palm OS side, you’ll need to have a Tungsten T, a Tungsten C, or a Zire 71 to hear the new soundtrack, though any Palm OS device user can still hear the sound effects. It’s possible to control the music volume and the sound effect volumes separately, or you can mute one or both of them entirely for quiet play.

This also marks the launch of Bejeweled on the Pocket PC platform–it has always been called “Diamond Mine” up to this point. In order to hear the music on this platform, you’ll need an ARM or XScale based device with Pocket PC 2002 or later. There’s even a Windows PC version available for those who don’t happen to have a handheld device, or perhaps for those who do, but still can’t get enough of this terribly addicting puzzle game.

Bejeweled is available for download from the Astraware web site. You can get a free trial there, or else you can just go ahead and buy it for $14.95 for either the Palm OS or Pocket PC version, or $19.95 for the Windows PC version. Obviously, a game that won Handheld Computing Magazine’s top honors last year and just won a Handango Champion Award this year must be something special.

In any case, if there’s anyone out there who has not tried Bejeweled yet, what are you waiting for? Hasn’t your handheld made you productive enough in your professional and personal life to afford a little time off playing games? Or perhaps you’re afraid that you might get so addicted that you just won’t be paying attention to that too-long To Do list? That’s what To Do lists are for, after all– to remind you of all of those things that you really need to do. . . tomorrow!

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