Bible Word Search

by PocketGoddess on July 1, 2003

I really like this game for one important reason–random puzzle generation means that you always have a reason to play just one more time. When you first install the application, which requires 130K of memory, you are presented with a list of choices that determine the kind of puzzle you want to play. There are four category choices: All, General, Names, and Places. Pick a category and your puzzle is almost instantly generated. Each time there are six words to find in a 10 by 10 grid. Tap “Words” at the bottom to see a list of the words you’re looking for, or if you want more of a challenge don’t look at that list–just try to see actual words in the playing grid.

Once you’ve found one, just tap the first letter and then the last letter, and the word is circled for you without having to drag your stylus across the screen. Once you’ve found all six, the game is over and you are presented with your results.. They include the number of words you found before you asked the puzzle to be solved for you, the number of tries (in case you thought you saw a word and tried to mark it, but it turned out you were wrong), and finally the time it took you to solve the puzzle. Tap continue and you can choose another category and begin the fun all over again.

Bible Word Search is a quick diversion for adults and a great game for the younger set. Children can learn pattern recognition and spelling while practicing with Bible-themed words. It would be nice if the puzzles had more than six words each, but that does mean that the game is generally faster-paced and less frustrating than some other options, and the words would most likely be too “crowded” on the relatively small 10 by 10 grid. But the interface is well thought out, and it’s a nice break from your typical shoot ‘em up and card games. You can get a free trial at AcroDesign, or purchase a full license for only $3.95.

PocketGoddess Rating for Bible Word Search: 4.5 out of 5

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