Bible Crossword

by PocketGoddess on June 30, 2003

It’s challenging, but not too difficult, and the interface is great. Once you install it on your Palm OS device, you’re presented with a choice of twenty different Biblically-themed crossword puzzles. Pick the puzzle you want to try and you are presented with a grid to fill in, along with a row of alphabet keys at the bottom of the screen. In order to play, choose the question mark icon at the top right-hand corner of the screen. That pops up a list of hints that can be quite tricky. You have to know the books of the Bible really well to guess which one fits in the right spot on the grid, though of course counting the letters and a good sense of spelling may help you through. Other clues are more obvious, and that can help when you have no idea which book of the Bible fits in the chosen space.

Once you have the answer to one of those hints, simply tap the first letter space on the grid to place the cursor there and then tap on the alphabet keys at the bottom of the screen in order to start filling in the blanks. The handy eraser icon at the top will help if you press the wrong letter by mistake. Interestingly enough for a Bible-themed game, you do have the option to “cheat” if you get stuck and can’t finish the puzzle. Simply select the cheat option on the menu and select which clue you would like solved–the answer then appears in the appropriate spot on the grid.

Bible Crossword is fun, but unfortunately only 20 puzzles are included, and it’s not clear whether or not any expansion packs will be available in the future. I certainly hope so, because this game needs more puzzles in order to continue being fun. Not many people will want to solve the same puzzle more than once. If you’d like to try it, get a free trial download at AcroDesign. The application requires 176K of free space on your Palm OS handheld.

PocketGoddess rating for Bible Crossword: 4 out of 5

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