by PocketGoddess on January 23, 2003

It allows you to customize the look of your handheld through color theming– backgrounds, menu bars, input buttons, the works. Colorize comes with several themes preinstalled, or else you can make your own custom creation. My favorite is “Rain” as it provides a nice light blue background to everything to reduce glare while leaving onscreen buttons white so they’re easy to see. Colorize has really enhanced my Palm user experience– a little personalization goes a long way. Colorize takes up just 28K of space, runs on any Palm OS device running version 3.5 or later (including the Tungsten T) and best of all, it’s freeware! If you’re always “skinning” anything that can be “skinned”– like your MP3 player interface, for example, or if you’re just looking for something to liven up your handheld experience, then you definitely need to try Colorize. It’s available at PalmGear.


PocketGoddess rating for Colorize: 5 out of 5

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