by PocketGoddess on November 7, 2002

In a nutshell, one could say that Wassup provides everything you need to know in one glance. Current date and time of course, that’s a given and something that several Palm OS programs already do. But how would you like to know how many todos you have scheduled for today, with a single tap actually showing you those to dos? How about the number of appointments you have, and how long it is until the next one? You can also see how many unread email or SMS messages you have, the amount of memory and battery charge you have left, or even a cool appointment ticker that shows them all in a “crawl” across your device’s screen. There’s a set of five customizable quick launch buttons at the bottom of the screen (15 if you have an NR or NX series Clie with a virtual Graffiti area)– so Wassup can even serve as a mini launcher replacement, if you plan things right. Between the four main buttons on your device and the 5 applications Wassup will show, that’s a total of nine apps you can launch very quickly, and that should be enough for most people’s basic needs. And that means that pretty much everything you need is on one screen, but there’s more than that.

The Radar feature allows you to see your entire day’s schedule on one page. Colored-in areas show what hours of the day are tied up in meetings or classes, with mornings on the outside of the clock face and the evening/late night on the inside of the dial. You can choose the colors you would like to use, as well as whether you want a full, fast, or “blob” fill. These different choices depend on the speed of your device. With my NR70, full or fast work just fine, while with my Tungsten I had to use either the fast or “blob” fill. It’s not a speed issue with the Tungsten, but perhaps something to do with OS5. This problem with the full fill was not, however, reproducible on other units, so I might have some sort of obscure software conflict.

Wassup is fully skinnable, and there are some great themes available, all free: Dilbert, the Far Side, Star Wars, Garfield, and others. Even better, the developer has promised that a skinbuilder app is coming soon, which should make things easier for budding Wassup skin artists. It’s also very fully customizable, with user prefs controlling everything from which “modules” are displayed (date and time, to dos, the ticker, SMS, email, etc.) to the color of the text and which program is launched when you tap on an appointment or to do (Agendus or DateBk5). The developer is very responsive and seems to genuinely care about his users. He even sent me a special version optimized for the Tungsten and OS5 before it was available on his web site. He’s also said that good things are coming in the future, and I can’t wait to see what he has planned.

If you’d like to get a copy for yourself, you can pick it up at the developer’s web site for only $5. That’s an exceptional price for such a useful Palm OS product.

PocketGoddess rating for Wassup!: 4.5 out of 5

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