JackFlash and JackSprat Now Support the Clie NR70

by PocketGoddess on July 12, 2002

This is big news for Clie NR70 owners– now JackSprat and JackFlash support this model, along with a few others. I know that 16MB of RAM seems like an awful lot of space, but it’s amazing just how quickly I can fill it up. Now that I’ve used JackSprat to delete the Clie Demo, web clipping, modem, and network support, I have over three MB of applications in Flash and still have 320K of free flash. I’ve NEVER had the problem of too much free space before, though that does allow me to download and review quite a few new programs for you guys! It also really speeds up my backups. Instead of taking up almost five MB of space on my MS and taking a long time to process, my data backup is now less than two MB and much quicker.
If you need more space on your device, even if you don’t have a Clie, you really should check out JackSprat and JackFlash from Brayder at their web site. It works on the III and V series Palms, as well as the M500/505/515, and the HandEra.

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