TealLaunch and TealGlance

by PocketGoddess on April 1, 2002

TealLaunch is a must for anyone frustrated by the lack of functionality in the built-in Palm OS Applications program, and it can let you bypass it almost entirely. It is a hack, as are quite a few TealPoint programs, which means that you must have HackMaster, XMaster, or TealMaster installed in order to use it. Once you install TealLaunch and activate it in the hack management program of your choice, you’ve got quite a few options to set up. For starters, you can choose the programs you use most frequently to show in TealLaunch’s pop-up list, or else you can let the program do that for you by using a “history list” to choose which applications appear in the window.

That’s just the beginning though, as you also have some configurable buttons on the right-hand side to order as you wish. You can use it to launch DAs, or Desk Accessories, which are very handy little programs similar in nature to hacks. You can also choose to turn the backlight on/off or access the cut, copy, and paste functions from the shortcut bar, or lock your device with just a couple of taps. And then there’s the pushbutton/stroke mapping that allows you to launch a dizzying array of applications with just a couple of button presses, or a certain Grafitti stroke. It may take a while to get everything set up, but once you do you may never have to go to the Applications launcher screen ever again.

That doesn’t mean that TealLaunch is perfect, though it does come very close. As a long-time McPhling user (comparably priced at $10), I must say there are a couple of features it has that I soreley miss in TealLaunch. The first is the ability to have a combined history list and a user-defined list of “favorite” applications. The second is the ability to launch files from my SD card. With McPhling I can launch any application from the device or the card, while I am limited to applications on the device itself with TealLaunch. If those two features are added in future versions, TealLaunch, with its ability to launch a variety of programs with button-press combinations and the DA launching capabilities, would be a hands-down winner.


TealGlance is another one of those applications that are so useful you just have to wonder why Palm didn’t include something like it from the beginning. Instead of having to use four different programs to find out what time it is, how your battery strength is going, what appointments you have today, and what your to dos are looking like, you can do it all in one place at just the tap of a button or a Graffiti stroke. TealGlance is truly amazing, and can really help you to get a handle on your day. I really like having everything together in one place. You can choose to launch TealGlance automatically when you power on your device, or with a press of one of the four hard buttons, or else a “double command” Graffiti stroke.

As with TealLaunch, TealGlance has a lot of options to set. Fortunately though there aren’t quite so many, and they are laid out really well so it’s easy to get everything just the way you like it. You can choose the type of clock you would like, whether analog, digital, or compact, the way that you like to see the time and date displayed (I prefer a 24-hour clock as opposed to AM/PM), how many seconds you would like for the TealGlance screen to appear, and whether you would like to see Datebook items, To Dos, or both. You can even choose whether you want to see just today’s appointments, tomorrow’s, or untimed events– and you can pick which categories of To Dos show up as well. I think that the TealPoint folks have thought of everything here. I especially like the fact that tapping on any item on the TealGlance screen will take you directly to that item in the built-in programs or DateBk4. Unfortunately ActionNames DateBook doesn’t play too well with this feature, but that isn’t TealPoint’s problem– the non-standard function calls employed by iambic Software are well known and bemoaned by many Palm OS developers.

Both of these programs are very well-designed, and I highly recommend them both. TealLaunch does an excellent job of launching almost anything you can think of, though it isn’t VFS aware. And TealGlance is great for any time during the day that you want to get back on track by taking a quick glance at your schedule and your priorities. Generous free trials of both programs are available at the TealPoint web site.

PocketGoddess rating for TealLaunch: 4.5 out of 5

PocketGoddess rating for TealGlance: 5 out of 5

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