Austin Powers Pinball

by PocketGoddess on January 4, 2002

The Austin Powers Pinball game is remarkably similar to the Austin Powers movie experience. When you start the game you’re confronted with Dr. Evil, and the various game boards feature Austin Powers, Mini Me, and the characters and graphics from the two Austin Powers movies. And overall it’s a lot of fun. The pinball action is fast and exciting, and while the physics aren’t the best I’ve seen for the Palm OS (that would be 9Ball from Landware, at least until I take a look at iambic’s new pinball game, released just before Christmas).


The graphics are nice too– the opening “movie” with Dr. Evil is a real hoot. And while most games don’t have any plot to speak of, this one does. You have to defeat Dr. Evil’s diabolical pinball machine in order to save the world from his latest plot– and you have to get through nine tricky levels in order to do it. Each level is completely different, both graphically and in regards to game play. So you certainly won’t be bored, trying to get past the same challenge time after time as in some other games.



Now for the nitpicks– when you start a new game, be prepared to wait for a while. Thankfully you can bypass it by tapping on the screen when you’re starting subsequent games. The onlt problem is that there isn’t any volume control for the music, which is loud and incessant– it drowns out any sound effects from the actual game in play. My suggestion, turn it off if you want to maintain your sanity. The other nitpick is in regards to the game’s size– the minimum installation is over 2MB, and that’s without any of the individual pinball tables! Seems that you have to pay a space premium for the excellent graphics, and depending on the amount of free memory you have on your Palm, you might not be able to install Austin Powers.

All in all, Austin Powers Pinball is a fun game, as long as you have the room and you keep the volume control set to “off.” You can get the application for $19.99 from the Global Star Software web site.

PocketGoddess rating for Austin Powers Pinball: 4 out of 5

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