Data Entry Alternatives, Part Two

by PocketGoddess on December 17, 2001

The first is called SmartInput, and it was developed by Michael Klug. SmartInput allows you to enter all of your To Dos, appointments, and memos on one screen. Simply enter the relevant information, set the time, priority, etc. depending on the type of entry you are making, and then tap the appropriate icon to finish. Everything is there on one screen, saving a lot of time going back and forth between the different applications. Don’t use the built-ins? No problem! As long as you use one that is compatible with the built-in databases, such as ActionNames or DateBk4, it still works. You can even set your ActionNames icon for the item within SmartInput. The list of preferences is also quite impressive, and allows you to set the default category, date, time, priority, etc.– which speeds things up even more. The author is continually updating and refining the program (updates are conveniently sent to your email box), and he is very open to user feedback. You can get SmartInput, which requires about 65K of free RAM on your Palm OS device, for $5.95 at the developer’s web site.

If you want to make things even easier, you might want to take a look at WordComplete from CIC. It’s a little pricey, at $24.95, but it provides very handy functionality. Anytime that you are entering a word via Graffiti, it will pop up a box of possible choices for you to choose from. If your desired word is on the list, simply tap it and it will be entered for you, no matter what application you are using. If it isn’t there, chances are it will be after you enter a couple more letters and the list is refined. You can also set a preference that enters a space after each word, or choose not to have it added automatically. And if you use quite a few special words, such as people’s names, company names, etc., it is possible to add them to your custom user dictionary. The main dictionary is quite complete. While it obviously doesn’t contain every word in the English language, it does provide a very nice selection of the most commonly used words. All in all, I’ve found WordComplete to be a helpful addition to my mobile arsenal. You can get it at the CIC web site.

PocketGoddess rating for SmartInput: 5 out of 5

PocketGoddess rating for WordComplete: 4.5 out of 5

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